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Religious Objects

Our Shared Values

Placing right Value on People

our basic understanding and believe is that all men are of equal value before God and that no one person is any more important the other. Values should not be placed on the basis of what people do in church but to appreciate each individual in the likeness of God.


A good and unique one on ones relationship  unravel the jigsaw puzzle that facilitates growth , expansion, and trust within the house hold of God.

Servant Leadership
we believe that to be a good leader one has to first of all be a good follower. And on this premise we liken ourselves unto the leadership style of Jesus.

we believe that we are a people called by God to be our brother’s keeper to promote, love, respect, and encourage each others gifts and callings.

Furthermore, godly character is to be preferred above gifting and charisma. Our conviction is that the responsibility of carrying a gift should be well balanced with sufficient strength of character for its sustained impact and influence.

Empowering Environment
we empower individuals to reach their full potentials in life and invariably, this brings about a collective growth within the people of God.

Responsibility & Accountability
we believe that for trust, respect, and mutual growth to occur, each and every one of us has to be accountable and responsible for their actions in the course of our pursuit. 

Reconciliation over Being Right

we believe that apportioning blame when things do not work well only further destroys a good relationship. But reconciliation should be an integral part of our relationship with one another within and outside the circumference of the body of Christ.

Stewardship & Ownership
As co-owners of all things with God, we have the responsibility to be faithful stewards. We must administer our estate according to God’s purpose as revealed in the Word.

A Can-do Attitude Is Priceless
we believe that with God all things are possible. Therefore, we place a high premium on an attitude and language of victory.  We do not vote concerning the direction of the Church, but we hear from Gods instruction.


World Vision

We are in consonance with the global vision of God. Therefore, we must use every available tool to reach the ends of the earth for Christ Jesus. As we encourage our congregation to be wise and place Gods priorities higher than any other in our quest for his kingdom. 

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